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Engineering Day Competition (Videos) 

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The Association for Program Administrators CSTEP and STEP (APACS) : 17th Annual Conference 

June 14-16, 2017

From left: Millie Roth (CUNY STEP Director), Diandra Jugmohan (Co-Director), Dr. Moise Koffi(Director)

Congratulations to our STEP/CSTEP Co-Director Diandra Jugmohan for winning the Presidents Award during the 17th  Annual APACS Inc. Conference.


On March 24-26th 2017, the Hostos STEP Program attended the 19th Annual STEP Statewide Conference 2017 at the Marriot Hotel in Albany, NY for a weekend conference. This year, we doubled in students and staff from last year. Last year, four students and three staff members attended and this year the STEP program retained all of last year’s attendees and doubled the numbers. Hostos Community College was represented among over 50 higher education institutions. This year, the conference hosted over 600 people (including students and staff), was the largest conference yet.

Abdulsalam Ighele  was selected to present his research poster in a competition and received a medal. The co-director of the STEP program, Diandra Jugmohan, served as the co-chair of the poster competition. She also served as a member of the conference committee.  Jose Mercado, coordinator of the Afterschool Universe at the STEP program, served as a judge for the technology competition. Dr. Lang also served as the judge for the Biological Science competition. We also had the privilege of having one student be designated to represent the Hostos Community College  CSTEP Program as Student Ambassador.

At the conference, students and staff also participated in several workshops, such as “Aviation”, “Conflict Management”, “Social Media and Professionality”, and more. They also participated in the Annual STEP College Fair. Overall, the Conference was a great success and Hostos was represented well.


On April 7-10th,  2017 the Hostos CSTEP Program attended the 25rd  Annual CSTEP Statewide Student Conference Oral Presentation 2017 at the Sagamore Resort in Bolton Landing, New York for a 2-day conference. Three staff members, Dr. Moise Koffi, Director, Mrs. Diandra Jugmohan, and Christiane Koffi. Hostos Community College was represented among 685 New York residents.

Sixteens students were selected to participate in the research poster competition and twelve were able to make it to the conference this year. These twelve student represented the Hostos Community College  CSTEP Program as Student Ambassador and one pair, Willy Baez and Madieng Diao who brought back a first place trophy in the Mathematics and Technology Presentation.

Their winning project was titled: “Experiments with Finding Potential Function by Simultaneous Integration of Partial Differentials.”

Diao and Baez reported that the experience was very beneficial and that they both look forward to continue to research more scientific topics. This is the first that that the CSTEP Program at Hostos Community College has been number one in one of these competitions.